Guided Imagery Exercises from Dartmouth College
Editing by Martin Grant

Anchoring is a hypnotic technique that helps you connect to times in your past when you felt truly calm and confident. You can use it right now to give yourself a feeling of strength when facing sad days and difficult challenges.

Nourishment from the Past

This Five-Finger exercise was developed by Dr. David Cheek as a way to achieve deep relaxation and peace, while simultaneously affirming your human worth. All you have to do is imagine four scenes from your past—using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (touch) images. It’s simple, it’s pleasurable, and it works.

Excellent Visual 60 second meditation to help "let go" of worrying thoughts.

Click here to go to the star:

This meditation will allow you a brief pause to focus on your problems and put them in perspective. You will place your worry into star that glows brightly in the center of the screen. You then watch as the star containing your stressful thought slowly shrinks to become just one of many tiny stars glistening in the background. As you watch your stressful thought fade away the website asks you to take a deep breath and reassures you that in the grand scheme of things your thought..."does not matter". Remember a thought is just a thought. Do not let them control you, you control your thoughts. You control your actions.

Excellent Guided Mindful Meditations for Anyone

From Mindfulness for Teens
You can practice with these guided meditation recordings from here or go to and download them onto your portable device. You may wish to try practicing with a particular recording at the same time, every day, for a week. Once you have got the feel for it, you can decide whether to continue using the recordings, or instead, just guide yourself using your own inner voice.  

1. Eating a Raisin Mindfully (~5 minutes)


2. Mindful Breathing (~5 minutes)

3.  Sitting Meditation (~10 minutes)

4. Body Scan (Short) (~5 minutes)


5. Walking Meditation (~ 5 minutes)

6. Mindful Movement (~10 minutes)


 7. Mindfulness of Thinking (~5 minutes)

8. Loving-Kindness Meditation (~5 minutes)

 9. Body Scan (Long) (~27 minutes)


Mindful Living  -  Centered Moment 

10. Stop, Breathe & Think
Engaging Your Senses (~5:36) Good guided meditation when you are feeling anexious