​​​Here is a Mindful May Gratitude Calendar 

I am only doing Private Mindful Coaching in person or on Zoom and Private Classes.

I am sorry at this time I am not teaching any public classes or courses this summer.

Some of My Past Public Courses

Mindful Awareness and Practice to Heighten Happiness 

Based on Rick Hanson PhD, teachings, courses, and book Neurodharma: New Science, Ancient Wisdom, and Seven Practices of the Highest Happiness                                                                                                 

  • In this class, you will experience and develop seven qualities at the heart of the highest happiness – and live from them more deeply and continuously.
  • You’ll learn from ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience, engaging your brain and body as you explore the upper reaches of human potential.
  • You’ll get ideas and methods to be more present, have compassion for yourself and others, rest in a calm and grateful confidence, feel whole, and know your interconnectedness with everything.
  • This is an overview look at Rick Hanson’s work in his written and online course (https://www.rickhanson.net/online-courses/neurodharma-online-program/ ) and our own experiences and wisdom.
  • We will practice practical and meaningful meditations and activities to bring forth our inner wisdom and heighten our happiness.

Mindful Discussions to Bring Forth Success and Peace
10 Secrets for Success & Inner Peace by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Class 1
1 – Be open to everything and attached to nothing
Open your mind to all possibilities – have the belief that all things are possible.
2- Don’t die with your passion still in you
Step to your own music and inspiration.  Follow your dreams!

Class 2
3 – You can't give away what you don't have 
Respond with love in all circumstances because you get what you give. Trust yourself and love yourself.  
 4 – Embrace silence
Meditate and take the time to listen to the sounds of nature.

Class 3
5 – Give up personal history
Live in the now because you’re past is gone.   You are not your past.
6 – Improve your mindset
Your thoughts are the source of virtually everything in your life.  Change your mind, change your life.

Class 4
7 – No resentments
When you're resentful, you're giving your emotional wellbeing over to someone else.  Don't blame others.  You are responsible for your life. Send love, peace, and joy for whatever comes your way.
8 – Treat yourself as if you already are what you want to be
Act as if you are already that person you want to be.  See yourself and declare it.

Class 5
9 – Treasure your divinity
Everything is a miracle.  You are a piece of the divine intelligence that supports everything.
10 – Wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you
Forgive yourself for shame, guilt, and apathy.  Turn over fears and problems to your higher self… not your ego.

Practicing the Magic of Life,
Mindfully Practicing the Philosophy for a Peaceful Magical Life in 2022  [♥]
*Class has an open discussion on how to Practice the Magic of Life.
*We will do guided meditation.
*We will see this Magic in many traditions such as Taoism, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and also in Science.
Class 1 – Magic of Creation – The law of attraction  
Class 2 – Magic of Story Telling – What agreements have we made
Class 3 – Magic of Facing our Fears and working with them
Class 4 – Magic of Seeing No Strangers - Interconnection
Class 5 – Magic of Faith – The flow of life

​Life of Joy 

Align your mindset with simple understandings and approaches to living a mindful life that invites joy into your heart even when faced with life's challenges. We will explore the 8 pillars of joy based on the insights from the Dalia Lama's and Archbishop Desmond Tutu's wisdom and scientific studies. We will practice playful exercises and insights to develop our joy mindset.
 For 4 classes

At CV Adult Ed in the classrooms

Empowerment to Thrive (5 classes)

 Become more calm, centered, and creative in your daily life. Learn why we experience stress how to identify behavioral reactions when under stress and how to modify them. Explore how to stop feeling stressed out and how you can help others who are stressed. Practice mindful techniques and empowerment activities to thrive even under difficult situations this class will help you live a happier and more balanced life.

A Life of Joy (3 classes)

Align your mindset with simple understandings and approaches to living a mindful life that invites joy into your heart even when faced with life's challenges. We will explore the 8 pillars of joy based on the insights from the Dalia Lama's and Archbishop Desmond Tutu's wisdom and scientific studies. We will practice playful exercises and insights to develop our joy mindset.

Mindful Discussion Groups – In-Person

 1-hour discussion and support group to foster a mindful mindset in your everyday life.  We will start the discussion points from the book Learned Optimism, How to Change Your Mind and Life by Martin Seligman, Ph.D. – Simple techniques to have more positive behavior and inner dialogue. We will discuss how these techniques and mindfulness relate to our own life. You do not have to read the book.

Zoom Class - Developing Your Mind to a Higher Consciousness of Awareness and Creativity

The Course will be exploring the book “The Master Key System” by Charles Haanel (1866 – 1949). Charles made 24 lessons on how to develop your thoughts into a creative mindset for Good Health, Positive Well Being, and Abundance. I will share his teaching and how it relates to us Mindfully. I will also discuss the book “The Secret of the Ages” by Robert Collier. Both books are excellent to explore. You do not have to read these books for the class, but they sure are good books.

In each class, we will do at least two exercises together that Charles believes are KEY to develop your mind to a higher awareness. You will be able to learn and then practice these exercises whenever you choose.

 Topics Covered:

·  Developing a Higher Conscious of Awareness

·  The Practical Steps to living into your Highest Life Expression

·  Negate Fear and other Negative Emotions that Ruminate in your Thinking

·  Hear Your Inner Voice and Intuition

·  How to "Say Yes to my Life" with Joy

15-Day Journey to More Happiness at CV Adult Ed in the classrooms 

Bring more happiness and less distraction into Summer 2021!  Three in-person classes filled with insight, fun activities on cultivating happiness, and less distraction in your life right now. An email will be sent each day between classes to keep you on the 15-day journey. Message topics will include (think Reader Digest version) wisdom, science, affirmations, an easy daily activity, a short video on More Happiness and Less Distraction from Lindsay (2 - 6 minutes long) as well as an article to reinforce what you are learning.  

Mindful Pop Up Zoom Workshop
Reboot, Remember and Relearn

Evolution of Consciousness Zoom Course –
Deep dive into the Power of Our Consciousness – Omni Present God/ Universal Energy
Most Start at Ignorance Consciousness and can bounce in and out of all 4 levels
The course is based on Michael Beckwith’s book “Life Visioning” with our mindful knowing.

Ignorance (Victim) Consciousness - The world isn’t fair, the reason why I’m not happy because of bad breaks. I am on the ride of life. LIFE IS happening to you! Class 1
Manifester Consciousness -This is the fun part- and Master & Creator of your life. Life is happening through you! Two Parts (Getter and the Giver) You are creating the Ride. LIFE IS happening through you! Class 1 and 2
Joy (Purpose) Consciousness- Realizing that you are a body for the Universe to use to fulfill your purpose. You have meaning connected to the whole. Your ride is everyone else's ride. LIFE IS unfolding for self and others. Class 2 and 3
Enlightenment (Being) Conscious- You’re one with God/ The Universe (aka Zen). Ta-Da! You did it. You've now reached Buddhist Monk Enlightenment. You are the ride. You are one with all Life. Class 3

Class 4 – Discussion of The Dark Night of the Soul and A Complete Life Visioning Activity

Working with Dreams and Affirmations/ Affirmative Prayers

The class structure would be:
1.      15 minutes for open discussion and check-in with the affirmations of last week (You know we all like to discuss)
2.      30 minutes to discuss our dreams and what we are learning. This can help give us insight on creating this week affirmation
3.      30 minutes each one of us will all build a personal positive intention affirmation (some call this an affirmative prayer) which you would say every morning for the week 

Everyone will learn to write their own Affirmative Prayer Each Week
First Class Learning Affirmative prayer – We will write an overall one on having a Good Positive Day
Second Class – Health/ Healing Affirmative Prayer
Third Class – Abundance (There is enough! Money, Time, Health, Joy) Affirmative Prayer
Fourth Class – Uniquely your Own Affirmative Prayer

Explore the Hero's Journey through the book Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse and a look at our own life's journey. We also will discuss some Hindu and Buddhist beliefs that are represented in the book.

4 Magical Classes to walk through the Hero's Journey.
Class 1 - An overview of a Hero's journey told by Joseph Campbell. The stages and reflection on the book Siddhartha and our own life.
Class 2 - Diving deeper into Stage 1: Departure - Campbell called the initial stage departure or the call to adventure. The hero departs from the world he knows. - Leaving Childhood - the Adventure into adulthood
Class 3 - Diving deeper into Stage 2: Initiation - Now the hero must face a series of trials and tribulations. The hero’s journey isn’t safe. The hero is tested in battle, skill, and conflict. - Becoming a mature adult. - Obtaining Knowledge
Class 4 - Finishing with the last stage of the hero's journey. Stage 3: Return - Having endured the trials and hardships of the adventure, the hero returns home. But the hero is no longer the same. An internal transformation has taken place through the maturation process of the experience. - Being Authentic - Living with Wisdom

Siddhartha is a 1922 short novel by Hermann Hesse that deals with the spiritual journey of self-discovery of a man named Siddhartha during the time of the Gautama Buddha. The book can be bought on Amazon or download for free on the internet. The audiobook and the 1972 movie are also on YouTube for free. (note - the movie is very close to the book)

Harnessing the Power of Change Mindfully
 Exploring Change, how do we personally react to change? Discussion of “Who Moved the Cheese”. The insights of change will be discussed from the Book –“Who Moved My Cheese?”

“Who moved my cheese” is a short fable about four characters who live in a maze and they all love cheese. When the cheese disappears, Scurry and Sniff enthusiastically head out into the maze to find new cheese. On the other hand Hem and Hall feel betrayed and complain

Understanding the process of change and how is the best way to harness the power of change in our personal life. The class will give mindful insight into self.

Mindful Healthy way to cope with Unexpected change.

Mindful Living  -  Centered Moment