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A Testimonial from the Mindful Aging Class:

The definition of positive energy is Lindsay Leimbach.  She is such a force that her beacon brightens the entire room, and that's before she even starts speaking!  When she does speak to the class, I have yet to comprehend how she can blithely explain her lesson while looking me in the eye and displaying the broadest and brightest of smiles.  Of course, I know that she is speaking just to me, even though I watch her cycle through every other member of the class before returning back to me in what seems like seconds.  But I don't "enrage" myself worrying about how she does it because I am too occupied trying to follow her as she gesticulates in front of the class, explaining Mindfulness and how it has affected her own life.  Given her wingspan, this doesn't leave her much room for maneuvering.  Most of my notes reveal incomplete phrases; you can forget about trying to write down whole sentences.  The imprinting she does on my mind is almost indelible: neurons firing together & wiring together; attitude of gratitude; stay in the moment.  And then, she magically shuts down the stage, "disappears" into her chair, and leads us into meditation with that ring tone and a calm, soothing voice that doesn't belong to the woman who was conducting the class.  Then, the other woman takes over again until it's time to try to convince us that the session is over.  

Even though my meditation is still pitiful, I now find myself trying to slow down my reactions and judgments, staying calmer and in the moment, and leave my dog brain waiting outside on the back porch.  Yes, Lindsay Leimbach is a force, and I promise you that despite what she claims, she emanates from a place much farther away than Baltimore!

Len Begalla

This is the feedback I received from the NASA / JPL Human Resources office after my first talk.

“Lindsay is amazing. The audience was engaged, she personalized to JPL, she was entertaining, the materials were good and she spoke to the slides, used great personal examples, etc. can’t say enough. Everyone who attended was impressed. We are really looking forward to having her back next week.”

Lindsay Leimbach


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Mindful Living events are posted on the calendar page. We have over 125 classes, workshops, and seminars in the Simi, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Burbank, Long Beach, and Newbury Park areas.

"For me, the Mindful Living classes are applicable to my everyday life, especially with raising kids. The classes were so meaningful and improve the quality of our home life. I really appreciate it."

- Sonal, Thousand Oaks, CA

Healthy Mindful Living's intention is to assist people to lead a life in the present moment that welcomes change, increases overall happiness, and decreases worry, pain, and suffering.

It's about brain fitness

and having a healthy mind.

"The Mindful Living seminar was easy to understand and practical. Lindsay Leimbach is a gifted speaker with a passion for her topic mindful living.

She has a wonderful way of 
engaging her audience, and inspiring everyone to make the most of every moment." 

- Lissa Coffey, Westlake, CA

Healthy Mindful Living Classes and Seminars teach techniques to reduce stress, and enhances attention and peace of mind, as well as, improve self-awareness in the present moment. These mindful techniques will lead to healthy results such as centered relationships, better physical health, and increased daily energy and productivity.